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Name: John Hope
Dymock parish church, where John Hope is presumably buried.
Parents: father Richard Hope mother ?
Born: when Roughly 1821 where Dymock
Died: when 25 September 1873 where The Heath , Dymock
Buried: where Registered in the Parish Burials from Dymock , Gloucester. so presumably buried in the parish grave or church yard.
Married: when 20 June 1845 where Parish of Dymock
- age ? home Bromsberrow Heath
Census: 1841 Bromsberrow Heath; 20 years; Born in same county 1851 Bromsberrow Heath; Head; Married; 31 years; Ag lab; Born Dymock
- 1861 Village, Redmarlet, Daritot; Head; Married; 40 Years; Ag Labourer; Born Gloucestershire Dymock 1871 Bromsberrow Heath; Head; Married; 50 years; Ag labourer; Born Dymock
- 1881 N/A 1891 N/A
- 1901 N/A 1911 N/A