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About this Site

Many people have helped me gather information. They have let me use their photos and documents, shared their ideas and knowledge. Thank you.

Census records, and birth, marriage and death certificates are property of the crown and are available for public access. As such it is legal to transcribe this information from these documents.

I have tried to represent the information accurately, but there will be mistakes and inaccuracies. For instance, the dates of the photos are rough approximations, and census records are sometimes very hard to decipher. Also, the process in itself is subjective. If you do find any mistakes, or you can offer an alternate interpretation, please get in touch with me.

I am always on the look out for more information. If you can see a gap in this site that you could fill, please get in touch.

Enjoy the site! If you would like to contact me, please do.

David Withers.