Family history website of my 4 Grandparents: Cecil Thomas Withers, Olive Wilson Gilchrist, Albert Williams, Eva Kathleen Imelda Barry


I am David Withers and this is my website. It came about because I wanted to do something with the information that I was accumulating. I had started to investigate the previous generations of my family and soon had quite a bit of information. This website is what I'm doing with the information. It's an ongoing process, both the investigating and the website.

I am the youngest child of Allan Thomas Withers of Bristol and Margaret Sheila Williams of Hereford. Allan's parents were Cecil Thomas Withers and Olive Wilson Gilchrist. Margaret's parents were Albert Williams and Eva Kathleen Imelda Barry. This website is about these 4 people (my grandparents) and their direct blood ancestors.
The 4 family lines:
Olive Wilson Gilchrist
Albert Williams
Eva Kathleen I Barry
Cecil Thomas Withers
When I started researching these lives I realised how common it is that people live and die and that their stories are lost. It would be good to find and record these lost stories. This site works towards that goal.