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Chapter 1: Summary
Chapter 2: Thomas Williams (father and son)
Chapter 3: Eliza Verry and her family
Chapter 4: Albert Williams
Chapter 2: Thomas Williams (father and son)
Thomas Williams (father) was born in Aymestry, around 1829. At 12 years old he was working for a farmer named Philip Turner. In September 1850 Thomas Williams married Ann Mainwaring, the daughter of a farmer named Edward Mainwaring. On their marriage certificate Thomas declares himself as a 'Base Child', i.e. illegitimate.
Thomas and Ann spent 10 years in Byton where they had 3 children (William, Thomas, Eliza) and then another 10 years in Stapleton (Presteign) where they had another 5 children (Sarah, John, Ellen, Harriott, Allice).
Thomas Williams (born 1853) would state his profession as master blacksmith in 1891.
Wormbridge church. The burial register for Wormbridge includes Eliza Williams (nee Verry ), which suggests that she is possibly buried in the church yard.
Thomas Williams (son) was born 17 September 1853 in Combes Moor, Byton. He spent some of his earlier years at Litchmoor farm in Kinsham, but later moved to Aconbury where he would marry Eliza Verry. He was 22 and she 21.
Thomas would qualify as a blacksmith, a trade in which he would later become a master. Together, Thomas and Eliza moved to Wormbridge and had 6 children: Mary, Kate, Rose, Thomas, John, and Albert. Living here at Wheelwrights Shop in Wormbridge Thomas employed an apprentice to work with him. But it was while living here that Eliza would die from pneumonia aged only 39. Her youngest child (Albert) was 3 years old at the time of her death. Thomas remarried, and his new wife, Sarah, raised his children.