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Tours The Williams Family Tour
Chapter 1: Summary
Chapter 2: Thomas Williams (father and son)
Chapter 3: Eliza Verry and her family
Chapter 4: Albert Williams
Chapter 1: Summary
Thomas Williams was born in 1829 in Aymestry. He worked as an agricultural labourer and married a farmer's daughter, Ann Mainwaring. Together they had 8 children, and the second of these children was also named Thomas, born in Byton in 1853. Thomas (the son) would grow up to be a master blacksmith and to move to Aconbury where he would meet and marry Eliza Verry. Eliza Verry was from a line of woodkeepers and gamekeepers, working on the Guys Hospital Aconbury Estate.
Thomas and his wife Eliza would together have 6 children. The youngest of these 6 children was Albert, born in 1891, but Eliza would be dead by the time that Albert was just 3 years old. Albert would never remember his real mother, and was raised by the second wife of Thomas, Sarah. Albert grew up to be a skilled farm worker. When war (WWI) broke out he joined the South Wales Borderers, and spent time in both India and Gallipoli. Around this time he met and married Eva Barry, who herself was serving in the Land Army. Albert and Eva had three children: David, Margaret and Mary, and the family would settle in Bristol.
Aconbury Court, Herefordshire, where Eliza Verry grew up, and her father, Thomas, worked as a woodman, 1870's