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Chapter 1: Summary
Chapter 2: David Barry
Chapter 3: Margaret Davies
Chapter 4: Eva Kathleen Imelda Barry
Chapter 4: Eva Kathleen Imelda Barry
Born 15 April 1893 in Aberbeeg Wales, the third youngest of 8 children of David and Margaret Barry. Eva's daughter, Margaret Withers (nee Williams), wrote down the following stories about her mother, Eva:
'Sometime before our marriage, my mother (i.e. Eva) was knocked down while crossing the road. My mother was taken to hospital dazed and confused. When I visited her, the attending doctor asked if she had been in a previous accident because an X-ray revealed old brain scarring. I had been living away from home for quite a lot of my life so I didn't know of anything that might shed any light on any previous damage. Some time later I was talking to my Aunt Tess and she told me that, when my mother was three or four years old, she either fell or was pushed from the top of a wall where several children were playing. She suffered head injuries and was unconscious for some length of time. After this she was sent to live with cousins in Ireland but she said very little about this. I don't know when she returned to the family, but I do know that my Grandfather David Barry died when my mother was about 12 years old, so maybe it was then. My mother then spent some years in a convent where she was cared for by nuns.' (Margaret Withers).
Eva Williams ( nee Barry ) , daughter-in-law Doreen Williams ( nee Cheetam ) and Albert Williams
Eva Williams (nee Barry), with husband Albert, 1950
'In the 1914 war Eva was recruited into the Women's Land Army and was sent to work on the large estate of Sir Lucas Tooth. During the 1939 war, my mother was once again in the Women's Land Army and this time worked on the Davis's farm in Little Stoke. The two periods served with the Women's Land Army were the only two occasions when my mother worked. It was while my mother was in the WLA during the first war that she met my father.' (Margaret Withers)
Eva Barry and Albert Williams were married and settled in Bristol, where they raised 3 children. Both Eva and Albert are buried in Stoke Gifford Graveyard.