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Chapter 1: Gilchrist Puzzles
Chapter 2: Barry Puzzles
Chapter 3: Withers Puzzles
Chapter 4: Williams Puzzles
Chapter 4: Williams Puzzles
Puzzle 1: Finding the Williams Graves: Albert's father, Thomas Williams, death and burial site have not yet been traced, and is a current research priority.
Margaret recalls as a small child going to visit her grandfather, Thomas Williams, which suggests that he was alive past 1928, the year of Margaret's birth. During these visits to her grandfather, her father Albert would fasten a cushion to a bicycle so that Margaret could come along too. This suggests that Albert and his father Thomas lived a bicycle rides distance from one another. At this time Albert and his children were still living in Coldstone Common, Kingstone, Herefordshire.
Albert Williams in 1942.
Albert Williams with daughter Margaret on her wedding day.
Puzzle 2: The Base Child. Tracing the Williams line beyond Thomas Williams, the grandfather of Albert Williams, may prove to be very difficult. The reason for this can be found on the marriage certificate of Thomas Williams and Ann Mainwaring: in the place where Thomas should have named his father he instead declared himself to be a 'base child'. A 'base child' is another name for an illegitimate child: a child where the father is unknown.
It is estimated that Thomas was born in 1831, which was prior to the start of civil registration of births. His birth record should appear in the parish records of Aymestry, where it is assumed that the name 'Williams' is his mother's name. This still needs to be researched.