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Chapter 3: Withers Puzzles
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Chapter 3: Withers Puzzles
Puzzle 1: What became of the dead? The 'Withers Tree' shown on this site deals with the 14 direct blood line ancestors of Cecil Withers. Six of these graves have been traced. The untraced are 'missing', out there somewhere, but not kept track of through the years. Of the 15 'Withers tree' members on this site, here are the missing graves yet to be found: (1) John Hope, died 1873 in Dymock, assumed buried in parish graveyard; (2) Ann Hope (nee Dance), unknown date or place of death; (3) William Hope, unknown place or date of death; (4) Mary Green (nee Powell), died 1905 in Oxenhall, possibly buried in the Oxenhall parish graveyard; (5) Mary Hope (nee Green), 8 October 1923 in Oxenhall, possibly buried in the Oxenhall parish graveyard. All 5 graves have yet to be found.
Puzzle 2: Where did Henry Withers come from? His 1841 census records indicate that he was not born in Gloucestershire. If not, then where? It is interesting that as an adult he moved to Glasgow. Was it because he was originally from there, and he was going back home?
St Anne's church in Oxenhall, where Mary Green (nee Powell) and Mary Hope (nee Green) are probably buried, as they are recorded in the parish burial register.